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Harvard Pilgrim selects MitemView for eHealthPlan project requiring HP3000 integration
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HP 3000

MITEM's flagship product, MitemView, provides application integration to and from HP 3000 mainframes and server-based or desktop Windows applications.  MitemView, a plug-in to VB, JAVA, C# and VB.NET applications, is a streamlined, non-invasive way to capture HP 3000 application interfaces to incorporate into projects from the simplest to the most complex - all real-time, high performance, and fail-safe.  MITEM enables organizations that run on HP 3000 platforms to enhance, extend and integrate such systems, making them active participants in new applications and in service-oriented architectures.

MitemView non-invasively integrates systems via the development of composite applications that allow systems to share critical data and automate business processes. MitemView's robust, proven technology is implemented in smaller organizations as well as mission critical environments. 

HP 3000 Legacy Modernization
HP 3000 servers are still running mission-critical applications today in many different industries.   Although the HP 3000 hardware was scalable and architecturally compatible with other hardware, applications that resided on these platforms were not built with integration in mind, and thus the only interface to the application was that of the user, through the terminal/workstation devices.

Legacy modernization is a process designed to enhance business by providing new methods for software interfacing, increased platform flexibility and functional improvements that enable your business to compete effectively in today’s on-demand world.  MitemView is the tool that provides you the leverage you need for your legacy applications to simplify end-user access and streamline business processes.

Integrating HP 3000-based Applications with MitemView
The applications residing on the HP 3000 platform were written to support a specific terminal type, and the transport of information to and from the terminal and the HP 3000 server utilizes what is referred to today as a terminal data stream. This terminal data stream, a “message”, is the only ubiquitous, non-invasive application interface provided by these legacy applications.   Applications that run on the MPE/iX operating system utilized a data stream known as HP 700.  MitemView utilizes this data stream as an application interface.

This means that applications which run on HP 3000 platforms can now be integrated, non-invasively and in real-time, with new applications, whether they are composite applications, packaged or web-based. Having developed and optimized legacy systems for decades, enterprises are now looking for ways to further capitalize on their significant investments by reusing, repurposing, and integrating these systems into new web-based and composite applications, SOA and other IT modernization initiatives, including:

  • Web-to-host solutions
  • Message brokering and message transformation
  • Composite application development
  • Service oriented architecture (SOA)
  • Web services  
  • User interface development
  • Business process transformation
  • Workflow re-engineering

Why MitemView?

Through a JAVA, .NET or Visual Basic application, the MitemView API processes the HP 700 terminal data streams of the HP 3000 applications.  MitemView supports any HP 3000 hardware, operating system or applications through the HP 700 terminal data streams.  Visit for more information.

Make no mistake – MitemView is not a screen-scraping tool like you typically find from terminal emulation vendors.  Unlike screen-scraping tools, MitemView, through its unique message processing system, allows integration for HP 3000 applications to be achievable, predictable and simple while preserving the high performance of the HP 3000 mainframe.  Bottom line...projects – even those involving the most complex application integration - are less expensive and delivered quicker when using the MitemView technology over any other alternative approach.

How Do We Prove that MitemView Works For You?

With MitemView, there are no changes or modifications that are needed for the HP 3000 application(s), leaving your legacy assets in tact.  And, with MitemView, the most complex, composite applications can be built quicker and attain more predictable results than any other non-invasive integration tool.  The proof is a phone call away.  When one of our pre-sales consultants comes to your site, at no cost to you, he will build a robust proof of concept application that will assure you that MitemView works effectively in your HP 3000 environment and is the right choice for your legacy modernization project.

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