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MITEM is a member of the IBM Partners in Development program and has enjoyed a long relationship with the Company and its products and protocols.

MITEM shipped the the first release of MitemView in 1989, and was typically used to connect to IBM OS/390 mainframes. MITEM has a solid history of providing first-class support for IBM’s networking and communication technologies. MITEM developed its own SNA protocol stack (including DLC support) and supports IBM Personal Communications along with Microsoft and Novell’s SNA Server Gateways. As the TCP/IP protocol became prevalent in IBM installations, MITEM quickly added support for the TN3270, TN3270E and TN5250 protocols.

In the last decade, more than 75% of MITEM’s customers have had at least one IBM mainframe or midrange system that they used MitemView to integrate and extend. MitemView has been challenged by some of the most intensive data processing applications. In 1992, MitemView was deployed for use in the Holiday Inn Worldwide Reservation System. At that time, the legendary Holidex system ran IBM’s Transaction Processing Facility (TPF) and processed 26 million reservations a year that serviced three geographically dispersed call centers. MitemView proved able to maintain system performance and reliability in this ultra high-end environment and was used by 1,800 reservation agents for many years. Today, MitemView is the integration software mostly widely used to improve call center operation and customer service for over 20 public utilities in the US and in England.

Some of the IBM systems of the past and present include:

  • 360 Series or System/360 or System/36
  • 370 Series or System/370 or System/37
  • 370/3030, 370/4300, 370/3080, 370/3090, 370/9370
  • System/38
  • 8100 Series
  • Sabre 9090
  • System/390 or 390 Series
  • AS/400
  • zSeries 900
  • zSeries 990
  • iSeries

In MITEM’s world, IBM has evolved from a host system vendor to a major player at every level in the system architecture. For instance, IBM’s WebSphere MQ middleware is the most widely installed messaging protocol. Most recently, IBM has become a major force in the application server market with its WebSphere product line (that also now encompasses the MQSeries brand). Specifically, IBM’s WebSphere application servers offer a J2EE runtime environment and tools for creating, deploying and maintaining Web applications.

MitemView is described as the ‘Universal Adapter’, enabling it to act as a spoke on other vendor’s hub. MITEM developed the NXTier interface technology to dramatically simplify and standardize integration with other servers like IBM WebSphere. MITEM is committed to maintaining compatibility with all leading message protocols like IBM WebSphere MQ.

MitemView can add value to, and extend the integration functionality of, WebSphere and MQ implementations. Specifically, MitemView should be used to accelerate the deployment, and smooth the implementation, of IBM WebSphere and/or MQ projects.

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