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MitemView is an integration platform for developing single sign-on solutions that front-end existing hospital information systems

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Single Sign-on

Every hospital we visit appears to face a similar set of system security challenges:

  • Doctors and other medical staff are frustrated and even intimidated by complex log-on processes
  • Application log-on's are compromised due to un-secure methods of remembering user names and passwords
  • Valuable time is lost due to misplaced passwords and reset procedures

To combat such issues, MITEM has created single sign-on functionality that can be deployed stand-alone or bundled with our own application products. This re-usable functionality is the result of developing clinical portals and other web-based composite applications that require real-time access to myriad hospital information systems. As you can imagine, such applications are only practical if the user can have a single sign-on to the system, with the intermediate server maintaining secure user profiles that store enterprise-wide authorizations.

Single sign-on functionality eliminates the frustrations associated with remembering multiple passwords, signing on repeatedly to myriad applications and leaving workstations unguarded due to time-consuming sign-off procedures. With a MitemView-based application, you can leverage single sign-on and sign-off capabilities to create a truly secure workstation that can be deployed without fear of system compromise

A single sign-on solution means that:

  • Security of patient data is enhanced by the elimination of un-secure methods of remembering application log-on processes.
  • Meeting HIPAA requirements in the areas of security and privacy is more achievable
  • Time sensitive information can be more readily accessed due to the elimination of a convoluted log-on process
  • Hospital administration will see immediate cost savings through the reduction of unnecessary help desk calls caused by password resets

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