"MitemView is the only tool of its kind in the industry that could be counted on to bridge the gap between legacy and new systems, while meeting the service-level requirements for performance, availability and reliability."

Mike Engel

Engagement Manager Computer Task Group


Criminal Justice

Integration of Law Enforcement, Detention and Court Services Systems

Case-in-Point: Minnesota's Ramsey County Criminal Justice System

Summary: Criminal justice system integrates data from disparate county, state and federal systems. New front-end streamlines administration of warrants, criminal history, court dispositions and jail management. The accuracy of maintaining criminal history has increased from 65% to 100%.

Integration Challenge

Ramsey County is the second largest county in Minnesota, with a population of 500,000. Like many of its local government counterparts, Ramsey County was facing
ever-tightening criminal justice budgets while criminal activity was increasing. The County's objective was to increase the effectiveness of law enforcement, detention and court services by consolidating the diverse criminal information systems at the county and state levels.



Sharing data with the state and nationwide criminal justice systems was a manual process with inconsistent results. When final court dispositions were issued, a batch printout was forwarded to the county where individuals had to manually look-up past bookings to update criminal history with court judgments. Only about 65% of the cases were correctly matched.

Ramsey County wanted to provide comprehensive and timelier information to the State of Minnesota. Key objectives included: giving users a logical view of information regardless of where the information resides; improved accuracy; reducing the time and effort County employees spent entering redundant data across several systems; and eliminating subjective judgments.


Ramsey County appointed Computer Task Group (CTG), a systems integrator, to design and develop an integrated criminal justice system. A full life cycle approach using CTG's C/S Method and "best practices" provided the foundation and infrastructure. Existing Ramsey County systems were replaced with an Oracle/PowerBuilder application called the Court Interface Module, which was modified to meet Ramsey County 's law enforcement requirements. CTG selected MitemView to integrate the new Court Interface Module with the state and federal IBM and Bull mainframe systems.

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