"...if I were Tom Ridge, the first dollar I would spend would be on data integration."

Sandy Berger

National Security Advisor (1997-2000)

Source: FCW Article

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Homeland Security

Imagine the ability to instantly put a Web-based application in front of every customs agent, border security guard, FBI agent, police officer, treasury agent, or any other legitimate consumer of law-enforcement information in this country. This secure application would allow them to enter a name, social security number, passport number, or any other information they had about an individual, and get the best real-time information about that individual before they are beyond apprehension. And to do this without making a single change to any of the existing government systems where the critical data resides. This includes data from Customs, FBI, CIA, State Department, and even state and local police agencies.

It’s not hard to realize that if you can do this with existing resources, you could put a national solution in place in a matter of months, at a cost that would hardly register. MitemView has the power and flexibility to make this scenario a reality.


The National Law Enforcement Communications Center is part of the US Customs Service Communications Management Division. Located in Orlando, Florida, the center provides round-the-clock secure communications for more than 40,000 law officers in more than 30 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. The center saves the government at least $157 million a year by making it unnecessary for other agencies to set up their own secure radio networks.

NLECC, or "Sector," as it is called by Customs employees, provides the secure communications environment that enables field personnel to conduct their work safely and effectively. Sector Enforcement Specialists handle incoming phone calls and radio signals from the field. Each SES requires real-time access to data located in different law enforcement and government systems. NLECC uses a MitemView-based application to handle their complex data processing needs. MitemView has proven to deliver the very high levels of system performance and reliability necessary when dealing with potentially life-threatening situations. In addition, the real-time nature of MitemView is essential when there are narrow windows of opportunity to apprehend; waiting for data to be delivered or getting out-of-date information is simply not an option for law enforcement personnel.

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