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Data Sharing

MITEM's custom and packaged applications can be deployed to share information between disparate and differing systems. With a proven track record for a reliable and scalable solution, MITEM offers custom and package applications that enable data sharing between disparate state and local government legacy systems.

MITEM provides data sharing solutions and applications in areas such as

  •  Law enforcement
  •  Court records management
  •  State retirement funds management.

Data Sharing Scenario

A state government agency needs to integrate its Unisys mainframe applications with an IBM mainframe application at a 'sister' state agency. One agency manages payroll for state retirees. Both agencies need to share data and update their legacy systems when changes are made to retiree's payroll and benefits programs.


One agency often has transactions that take place on its legacy system that need to update on the sister agency's system, and vice-versa. These transactions were previously manually processed via a "batch" process. Now they are automatically executed on both systems by an application running on a Mitem View server. Transactions from both agencies are now successful made, and the integrity is maintained, and the reconciliation between the systems is made on the spot, in real-time.


The implications and benefits for effectively sharing data between government agencies are many. Imagine, on a simple level, if a citizen of that state could enter their change of address only once via a Web browser and after that person was properly identified in all the different systems, their new information would be automatically updated to all relevant state systems.

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