"GUIdance [A MitemView built application] goes beyond the call center and embodies the holistic approach of the corporation in meeting customer's needs and expectations. It's a strategically essential part of our business moving forward."

Alan Stambaugh

Baltimore Gas & Electric

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MITEM Solution Saves Baltimore Gas & Electric over $1 million annually
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Chartwell's Best Practices for Utilities & Energy Companies: read how MITEM helped BGE achieve this amazing turnaround.

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Call Centers - Public Utilities

The #1 Industry Mission: Improving Customer Service

Improving customer service is a high priority for most public utilities. To a large degree, this involves improving call center operations. Efforts to improve this environment must involve reducing average call handle time, reducing training time for customer service representatives (CSR), and increasing CSRs' in-service phone time.

MITEM is renowned for improving call center operations for public utilities - with over 25 implementations to date. This reputation reflects MITEM's record of vastly improving the usability of the industry's rock-solid customer information systems.

MITEM improves the call center environment by deploying its patented legacy integration platform upon which new applications can be built with the MitemView tools. These new 'composite applications' liberate CSRs from a complex and inefficient character-based screen environment and present data to them in a Windows, HTML, or Macromedia Flash environment. This approach frees CSRs from having to laboriously and sequentially access dozens of screens of information to answer a customer inquiry. With MitemView, a few mouse clicks let CSRs access all the customer information they need. MITEM's call center solutions for public utilities are proven to be a highly scalable, reliable and cost-effective alternative to expensive and laborious-to-deploy package CRM applications. MITEM's Professional Services Group has extensive experience in developing call center solutions for over 25 public utilities. MITEM can deploy new composite applications quickly and with no service interruptions during deployment.

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