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MITEM provides a software solution for catalogers and direct merchants that extends the legacy or mainframe-based order-entry system without having to replace or modify it. The solution provides a graphical front-end to the order entry system that lowers call center operating costs and increases revenue from order taking.

MITEM's call center solution for catalogers is proven to deliver results in the demanding high-volume call center environment.

These results are realized by:

  • Optimizing each interaction with immediate access to comprehensive customer information from any system(s)
  • Significantly reducing training time for new permanent and seasonal agents
  • Enabling consistent customer service across all communication channels, including telephone, the Web, email, fax, text-based chat, and voice over IP.

Example of a GUI front-end to a mainframe order processing system

The MITEM solution has a rich user interface and enhanced functionality that streamlines the agent's workflow for phone calls and other service handling. The proven design increases customer satisfaction by quickly transforming every agent into an expert user. It provides automated workflow, improved ease of use and real-time integration with the legacy order entry system.

MITEM's call center solutions and applications provide the following benefits to retail catalog companies:

  • Promote smoother interactions with customers by improving screen flow to          match agent-customer interaction
  • Improve customer service agents' efficiency and performance
  • Relieve the resource constraints caused by seasonal fluctuations
  • Enhance existing system applications to adapt to changes in technologies at a    fraction of the cost of replacing such systems.

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