"We will continue to expand the variety of server platforms on which MitemView-based applications can be deployed. Now that MitemView runs on Windows, Linux and Solaris it is a viable choice for any size of enterprise."

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MITEM Releases MitemView 6.1 - Adds Enhanced Messaging and Open Standards
Support to Stalwart Integration Engine

Release Features HL7, Enhanced XML Messaging and XML Support

MENLO PARK, CA - April 27th, 2004 - MITEM Corporation, a leading provider of legacy integration software and business applications, today announced the immediate availability of MitemView version 6.1. This release builds on MitemView's existing capabilities for integration with messaging technologies by adding Health Level 7 (HL7) and enhanced XML support. In addition, this release provides Linux support for enterprises wishing to run MitemView applications on an open-source platform.


MitemView natively supports HL7 messaging by fully implementing and insulating the transport and parsing functions inside a pre-built MitemView adapter. MitemView is the only integration engine that allows legacy and HL7 interfaces to be developed using the same tools and techniques. This allows health care organizations and insurance providers to cost effectively develop HL7 interfaces that enable the sharing of patient data.


With enhanced support for XML-based messaging, MitemView enables single-step transformation between incompatible message formats and legacy application interfaces. This means that MitemView can play a vital role in the world of Web services by enabling legacy systems to become active participants in new service-oriented architectures. In addition, MitemView's advanced XML processing accelerates the deployment of new XML-based solutions by not requiring developers to work with low-level, vendor-specific APIs.


Gale Aguilar, president of MITEM stated, "We have made our reputation on integrating 'the last mile' which we define as the chasm between legacy systems and modern application integration platforms. With this release, MitemView further blurs the line between tactical integration and enterprise infrastructure. MitemView offers quick, tactical wins, and can act as a long-term, strategic focal point for those companies designing a true enterprise infrastructure."


This version of the MitemView Server runtime is the first to run on the Linux platform, and provides MITEM's customers with the scalability and low cost of ownership typically associated with an open- source platform. Application development is conducted using any standard Java IDE that runs on a Windows PC. From within the MitemView development environment it is now possible to deploy composite applications that run on Windows, Linux or Solaris servers with absolute compatibility.


Aguilar commented, "We will continue to expand the variety of server platforms on which MitemView-based applications can be deployed. Now that MitemView runs on Windows, Linux and Solaris it is a viable choice for any size enterprise."


MitemView version 6.1 ships with:

  • Enhanced XML support
  • New HL7 messaging support
  • Linux support for the MitemView Server Runtime  - Red Hat and SUSE
  • Enhanced development tools: Various improvements to the tools and utilties that comprise the MitemView Software Development Kit (SDK)

About MitemView


MitemView is the industry's proven, non-invasive integration solution used to create composite applications from existing legacy system assets. MitemView enables integration with other middleware products, application and web servers and with vendor-specific interfaces, while preserving the performance and reliability of business-critical applications.

About MITEM®

Established in 1985, MITEM is a provider of legacy integration software and e-Business solutions for Global 2000 companies and government entities. MITEM’s signature product, MitemView, integrates differently designed systems to share critical data and automate business processes. MITEM has been deployed in diverse industries including public utilities, financial services, manufacturing, health care, education and government. MITEM’s global customer base includes: ABN AMRO, GE/ERC, Harley-
Davidson, ConEdison, London Electricity, American Electric Power, Bayer, Swiss Life, Lockheed Martin, CalPERS, United States Postal Service and the US Navy.

MITEM has its headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif. Telephone: (650) 323-1500.
Web site: www.mitem.com.


MITEM Corporation
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