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MITEM® Corporation Announces Blue Iris™ - A Clinician-Friendly Application That Enhances, Extends and Integrates Hospital Information Systems

New release offers out-of-the-box integration with the

SAN DIEGO and MENLO PARK, CA – February 10, 2003 - MITEM Corporation today announced the release of Blue Iris, a software solution designed to improve the accessibility of patient and clinical data from hospital information systems. The product’s rich graphical interface transforms cumbersome hospital information systems into clinician-friendly applications. The first public demonstrations of Blue Iris can be seen in the MITEM booth #4943 at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society's (HIMSS) 2003 Annual Conference and Exhibition, being held in San Diego, CA, through February 14.

Blue Iris delivers data from hospital information systems and other best-of-breed systems such as PACS directly to the desktop or any mobile computing device. Clinicians can access lab results, patient data, statistics, analysis, voice recordings and medical images from anywhere with a Web browser and a secure connection to their organization.

Blue Iris was developed with the close cooperation of Alice Hyde Medical Center, a long-standing MEDITECH user and reference site. "Alice Hyde has been working with the development team at MITEM and has been instrumental in helping us build a product that offers out-of-the-box integration with MAGIC. We chose to support MAGIC as our first hospital information system because it has a large and loyal user base that has been in need of an alternative to the system's cumbersome green screen interface. Our vast experience with difficult-to-access legacy systems like Data General made the integration process very straight-forward," said Aurel Kleinerman, MD, Ph.D. and CEO of MITEM.

"We are excited to have this product developed against our MAGIC system here at Alice Hyde Medical Center. We feel that Blue Iris will help reduce the paperwork burden and create greater efficiencies for all of our physicians," said John W. Johnson, president and CEO of Alice Hyde Medical Center.

Blue Iris will enable health care organizations to improve their data integrity and billing accuracy, reduce clinical errors, and eliminate many of the manual processes that keep physicians from spending more time with patients. In addition, Blue Iris helps maintain HIPAA compliancy by preventing unauthorized access to patient information, displaying only data that is relevant to a specific query, and displaying data in real-time, not replicated, so it cannot leave the premises on a mobile device.

“Blue Iris has been painstakingly designed to match the way physicians and clinical staff work. Our goal was to create a product that is very intuitive and easy-to-use. We challenged the team to develop an application that clinical staff can learn to use within 5 minutes without training or documentation,” stated Larry White, the vice president in charge of the Blue Iris development team. This release, designed for physicians, features a user interface that it is modeled on a SOAP progress note, the standard format used by physicians to record patient information. Subsequent Expansion Packs for the Blue Iris Core system will include: CPOE Pack, Rx Pack, RN Pack, ADT Pack, and Billing Pack. In addition, the Blue Iris Core system will soon enable real-time updating of hospital information systems and collaboration between medical professionals.

Features of this release of Blue Iris include:

  • Single view of patient information in a True SOAP progress note format
  • Real-time data access
  • Dynamic views of data that allow physicians to see ranges of data from hours or even weeks with the simple click of a button
  • Remote access that provides physicians with the ability to access patient data from anywhere as long as they have a secure connection to their organization
  • Imaging integration that allows physicians to see imaging data, such as X-rays, in context with the rest of the patient data

About Alice Hyde Medical Center

Alice Hyde Medical Center, located in Malone, New York, is a 76-bed hospital and a 75-bed long-term care facility that serves northern New York residents. AHMC offers specialty care including renal dialysis, lithotripsy services and therapeutic radiology. In addition to providing primary care services in Malone, AHMC operates primary care services in NY at locations in Moira, Chateaugay, Fort Covington and St. Regis Falls. AHMC is a MEDITECH reference site and a member of the Blue Iris Product Advisory Board. AHMC can be found on the web at

About Blue Iris™

Blue Iris from MITEM Corporation is a software solution that profoundly increases user productivity by enhancing, extending and integrating hospital information systems (HIS). Working as a companion application to a health care organization's existing HIS, Blue Iris automates routine practices and optimizes the natural workflow of hospital and clinical staff. By reusing existing systems, Blue Iris can deliver new capabilities at less than ten-percent of the price of a new system, and can be implemented in just a few weeks. Blue Iris product information can be found on the web at


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