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In a call center environment, MitemView pulls customer data from legacy systems and other disparate back-end systems and presents it to the client in a Windows, HTML or Macromedia Flash environment. These composite applications, built with the MitemView SDK, eliminates the need for customer service representatives to laboriously access dozens of screens of information, one by one, to answer a customer inquiry - service reps can access all the customer information they need with just a few mouse clicks.

MITEM offers a very attractive alternative to standard CRM packages for companies that run on legacy systems. Many public utilities considering using MitemView report that they don't want to, or cannot  afford to start from scratch with a new and often very expensive CRM system that may turn out to be totally inappropriate for their environment. Utility companies want to preserve and extend the investments they have made in very dependable legacy assets - and MITEM is often the best solution for these companies.

Selected Projects:

Allegheny Power

Allegheny formed a team to look into a systems integration solution for its recently consolidated call center environment. The business goals included improving
quality and consistency, eliminating manual processes, improving contact tracking, and
reducing training time. The technical enhancements needed to reach the business objectives required a system to front-end its legacy mainframe systems and to extend integration between those mainframes and the newly implemented client/server applications used for work management, outage management, imaging and workflow processes.

Allegheny Power used Menlo Park, Calif.-based vendor MITEM's product called
MitemView to create composite applications from legacy system assets.

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American Electric Power

American Electric Power is a multinational energy company based in Columbus, Ohio. AEP owns and operates more than 38,000 megawatts of generating capacity, making it one of America's largest generators of electricity.

AEP was reviewing options for the construction and maintenance of a new GUI for their CIS. It was determined that using MitemView would deliver a solution that had substantial performance and reliability advantages over the original HLLAPI-based approach. "Because of MitemView's asynchronous architecture and very high performance, we felt that we could improve the design of the user interface," commented Mike Rozsa, IT Manager for Customer Service Applications at AEP.

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Baltimore Gas & Electric

Based on outdated technical underpinnings, BGE's existing customer information system (CIS) had become a bottleneck to efficient customer service. Training time for new call center recruits took 29 weeks because the system was difficult to learn and time-consuming to use. Customer inquiries became more complex and the time it took to access pertinent information to get answers increased. BGE needed a solution that spanned three critical areas: cut training time, decrease actual call time and improve overall processes.

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Central Maine Power Company & IntelliRisk Mgmt Corp

CMP realized that a new business process had to be defined and implemented to support the corporate goals for improving the customer service process. Several technical approaches were considered. Buying a new CIS system was not an option based on the cost and time for implementation. CMP chose the MitemView solution because it could support a re engineered call center workflow, and meet the system performance, budget, and time constraints.

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Duquesne Light

Duquesne Light's CIS is the in house-branded DISCuS, a PricewaterhouseCoopers-built system. The utility is using MITEM of Menlo Park, Calif. The vendor's MitemView product creates composite applications from legacy system assets.

MITEM committed to a 30-day implementation for installation and going live. "The company met its deadline with little problem," says Tom Larkin, Customer Service Administrator - Duquesne Light. Two MitemView developers were sent to work with Larkin and a part-time Duquesne team; the 30-day implementation including determining the functional requirements, building the screens and making sure the system worked was accomplished with the equivalent of three full time people.

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Oklahoma Natural Gas Co.

ONG initiated a call center automation project which concluded that only minor modifications were required for the billing and accounting functions of CSS, but significant changes would be necessary to support the objective to increase its customer service levels. The automation project identified the addition of several new features including an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system, screen pops, and intelligent call routing.

In addition, the character-based system [CSS] did not offer an easy way to handle certain transactions such as Order Scheduling, Billing Adjustments, and Detailed Account Inquiry. For example, changing an appointment for service or the follow-up action on a bill was difficult, even for experienced Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). It was clear that to support the call center automation initiative, a re-engineering of the CSS presentation was needed.

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