OEM Customers

MITEM's OEM customers have extended the functionality of their product offerings and improved their reach in key markets by embedding MITEM products and technology into their solutions.

MITEM's OEM Partners Include:

S1 Community and Regional eFinance Solutions Group (S1)

S1 is a leading provider of Enterprise eFinance software. The role of S1 is to develop new eFinance solutions that deliver a transactionable, customer-centric view across all delivery channels, resulting in a more compelling experience for the customers and a more profitable relationship for the financial institution.

Since MITEM's integration engine, MitemView, was embedded into the S1 Internet Banking System, it has helped to improve the stability of the Internet Banking System's real-time interfaces to core vendor solutions including Aurum Miser, CSI, FIS Orlando, Argenta, Kirchman, First Integrated Systems Omaha, and CBS Fiserv. By utilizing the patented MitemView framework as a generic tool for creating real-time links, S1 has greatly reduced programming time. S1 has deployed MITEM's solution in over 50 regional and national banks.

Fiserv, Inc.

Fiserv, Inc. is an independent, full-service provider of integrated data processing and information management systems to the financial industry. As a leading technology resource, Fiserv serves more than 10,000 financial service providers worldwide, including banks, broker-dealers, credit unions, financial planners/investment
advisers, insurance agents and companies, mortgage banks and savings institutions.

Fiserv uses MITEM to integrate legacy applications with a Windows environment for banking and credit union customers. The MITEM- Fiserv solution has a solid history of maintaining high performance levels and reliability. Fiserv's customers have benefited from a more streamlined, productive, and user-friendly application for legacy systems.

Geac, Inc.

Geac is a global enterprise software company for Business Performance Management, providing customers worldwide with the core financial and operational solutions and services to improve their business performance in real-time.

Geac's SmartStream product utilizes MitemView's messaging middleware capabilities to interface with host-based applications.

Odyssey Software, Inc.

Odyssey is a recognized leader in the development of mobile enterprise software infrastructure products for all Windows MobileT - based device platforms. Odyssey's software products are enabling technology for remote data-access, application provisioning, and mobile device management for mobile enterprise solutions. These mobile solutions can be quickly built, deployed, and managed, improving corporate agility, productivity, and competitive advantage.

Odyssey use MitemView in theirAPIfusion product. APIfusion is used for building high performance, multi-tier distributed applications and supports any device that has the ability to establish a TCP/IP connection such as Windows CE-based devices, programmable DOS-based data collection devices, PalmOS-based devices, and other proprietary platforms.

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