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MITEM plays a significant role in helping federal, state and local government agencies to accelerate the distribution and sharing of information. MITEM's core integration technology, MitemView, makes this possible by enabling differently designed systems to share critical data and automate business processes. MITEM takes pride in delivering solutions that enable all levels of government to operate more efficiently and serve their constituencies more effectively.

Selected Projects

Virginia Department of Human Resource Management

"With this project we are creating a small snowball that is going to grow more and more. Once we start effectively sharing data between government agencies, the benefits will be many. Imagine, on a simple level, if you could enter your change of address only once via a Web browser and after you were identified in all the different systems, your new information would be automatically updated. We know this can be accomplished with MitemView," Belchior Mira, DHRM

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CalPERS: The California Public Employees' Retirement System

"Nearly every member's request involves looking up some piece of legacy data. Having this crucial MitemView link available to many more employees will help us realize enormous gains in productivity at less cost. MitemView is also highly adaptive to new infrastructure requirements as we grow, and gives us the ability to quickly deploy additional composite applications that are user friendly and can further reduce costs."

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Ramsey County Criminal Justice, St. Paul, MN

Ramsey County wanted to provide comprehensive and more timely information to the State of Minnesota. Users needed a logical view of the information without knowing or caring which system it resided in or how to get it. Improving accuracy and reducing the time and effort County employees spent entering redundant data across several systems and eliminating subjective judgments from the process were also key objectives.

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United States Postal Service

MITEM developed two key applications used in USPS' payroll processing operations that were designed to renovate older technology and streamline business processes. The applications were developed in compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. These federal guidelines provide direction for the universal accessibility of computer applications that allow people with disabilities to have equal access to information.

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