"MITEM has decreased our development time for real-time interfaces by as much as 80% in some cases, and increased data acquisition rate performance by 400%."


George Blake

Vice President/ Programming

S1 Community and Regional eFinance Solutions Group


Financial Customers

MITEM has been providing integration solutions to the financial services industry for over a decade. MITEM enables financial services companies to integrate disparate systems with its robust and time-proven integration platform, MitemView. Not only does MitemView extend the life of existing legacy systems, but it also allows these companies to quickly deliver new distributed applications that improve end user workflow and improve customer service.

The benefits that MITEM's solutions bring to the financial services industry include:

  • Improved call centers operations
  • Elimination of many error-prone manual processes
  • Improved customer service
  • Extension of investments in legacy systems

Selected Projects

S1 Community and Regional eFinance Solutions Group

S1 banking customers wanted to build competitive advantage and forge customer loyalty with superior technology. Since most financial institutions' processing power resides within existing legacy systems, executives were eager to leverage those assets when building a new integration solution.

To meet the needs of their customers, S1 Community and Regional eFinance Solutions Group began looking for a legacy integration solution to build into the Internet Banking System product. In addition, S1 was seeking an integration software solution that could integrate with their current infrastructure applications and significantly reduce interface development time.

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Banca IMI

As part of a full range of financial products and services, Banca IMI provides a Global Custody service to institutional clients, which involves processing cross-border securities trades, keeping financial assets safe and servicing associated portfolios.

Servicing portfolios is a complex task due to the large number of cash and security accounts that are held in different currencies. The balances of these accounts change in real-time throughout the trading day i.e. as soon as information is received. For this reason it is vital for customers to get quick and easy access to the account data whenever they want.

In the past this has proved to be a problem, as each time a bank client wanted to obtain a current balance, or verify transaction details on a specific account, they had to telephone or fax a bank office and wait while a clerk looked up the information on the Bank's back-office system, an IBM iServ 400 (AS/400) system.

In order to improve customer service and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of internal Bank processes, senior Banca IMI management recognized that account information would have to be provided to their institutional clients in real-time, via a secure on-line medium, such as the World Wide Web.

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City National Bank

City National Corporation is a publicly owned company with $8.9 billion in assets. The company’s wholly owned subsidiary, City National Bank (CNB), is California’s Premier Private and Business Bank.

Early in 2001 CNB decided to upgrade its customer service application to an Intranet environment. The old system had a GUI front end that used traditional HLLAPI screen-scraping to access a legacy banking system located in Milwaukee, WI.

The new MitemView application was part of an initiative to improve customer service. The new Intranet/MitemView application is used by 100 employees which includes 25+ agents as well as additional internal CNB users. MitemView has preserved the high performance and reliability of CNB’s business-critical applications. The new interface greatly improved customer service, streamlined business processes, and significantly reduced training time for new agents.


Fiserv, Inc., a full-service provider of integrated data processing and information management systems to the financial industry. GALAXY Plus is a cornerstone product for Fiserv’s credit union customers. GALAXY Plus software runs on an IBM RS/6000 servers and is used by nearly 400 credit unions through out the US. Fiserv needed an integration solution that allowed them to quickly develop and deploy new interfaces.

Fiserv selected MitemView to develop a new, streamlined and productive application interface for the GALAXY Plus system.

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